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Yes we went I don't think any vehicles went for scrap but certainly the intention of many who bought was to break for spares. A good example of what a damp concrete bunker can do to steel. The airbourne 353 tipper made 3k the Dukw 6k land rover series 1 80" 3k, the weapons carrier breakdown conversion 2100, from what I can remember

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See https://www.facebook.com/richard.gibson.16547/media_set?set=a.10153368499259079.1073741900.679944078&type=3&pnref=story for more pictures. Most of the vehicles are in a sorry state, it was stated one was buying a chassis with a set of axles only. At least they are now passed on to the next generation.


Auction results should be published on the auctioneer's website sometime soon: http://www.hjpugh.com/results2015.html (catalog here: http://www.hjpugh.com/tractorsales/190915catalogue.pdf)


A friend of mine bought the CMP F15 4x2, it needs a lot of work but will be restored one day.


Where did this C30 end up?



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…..A good example of what a damp concrete bunker can do to steel…..


You're not wrong there!!!!


Some years back I went to look at, and acquired, a vehicle stored amongst others at a bunker location very near here. I really could not believe the appalling conditions - water literally cascading from the ceiling slab into a space with no ventilation.


From a moisture point of view I'm sure the vehicles would have fared better out in the open where at least they could have dried out from time to time. At least the bunkers provided a measure of security.

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