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Stawart spotted


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Evening all as some of you on here may or may not know i,ve just purchased a stolly, which i have to collect yet from dorset which could be another post for someone with transport for it, as the guy that said he could pick it up for me is busy till early nov which is too late really.


Anyhow the reason for the post on here tonight is to find out if anyone knows of the stolly which is parked up in what looks like a farm/stable yard at the side of the M65 motorway just on the border of burnley lancashire would be nice if i could have a chat to the ownner of it.


Thanks Andy


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Morning mate yes the stolly does look ok its been there 8 years plus that i know of i pass it quite alot, its got the tilt cover and looks like its all painted up it also has the orange/red cevron plates on the back which would sat thatits poss been on the road.

Where abouts do you live i,m in burnley.

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Hi dave and helen all dave H said is are you still in a rush for the stolly pickup, as he,s over in europe till nov ive sent

him an email but he hasn,t got back to me yet.:wow:


He has been very busy I know mate, I will ask around this end for you. Can't wait to see the beast once you get it home :D

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