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wanted fordson WOA2


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does any of you know a foreseen WOA 2 for sale any condition considered, please let me know.




That's my Ford WOA2 and it's Not for sale. I do not know of any for sale and there are only 4 in the UK.

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On 3/13/2021 at 9:24 PM, David McAveety said:

Good Evening 


I am building a scale model of a Fordson WOA2, what are the following 

1 Interior Colour

2 Upholstery Colour.


Thanks for your help

Interior colour is Service Brown, same as the outside colour. Upholstery is green for front and folding seats in far rear of car, and brown rexine for rear seats. Door cards and millboard panels are all chocolate brown. Headlining is buff colour, like a pre-war Ford. You're welcome to visit to look at my vehicle for details. I live in Reading.

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This was for sale in Australia for around 5K UK Pounds a few years ago. It was imported from the UK in 1976 by a MV enthusiast. I had the pleasure of driving it a few times. 


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