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1943 Boxes

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Pressed Steel Co. Ltd., in1966 were taken over by Rootes Pressings Ltd., Paisley, Renfrewshire



I am not sure that is right. I thought there was a strong connection with BMC / British Motor Holdings, then British Leyland. Looking at Graces Guide and their timeline, seems I was correct http://www.gracesguide.co.uk/Pressed_Steel_Co They continued with BL then when the Mini production was set up by BMW, they were drawn into that group, now called Swindon Pressings.


They did have a plant at Linwood in Scotland next to the Rootes plant and made the Imp bodies there

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Yes it is completely wrong Richard. It was from some notes I made a year or two ago that I found in a company history but have been unable to retrace the source.




See also "Fisher & Ludlow" which became "Pressed Steel Fisher" as part of BLMC.





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My Uncle worked for Pressed Steel as a welder the plant was next to the Morris Cowley works in Oxford for many years. When BMW took over and the site was 'rationalized' most of the workshops and ancillary buildings were bulldozed. Most of the works site is now a shopping center, hotel and posh industrial estate.



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