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The Hauge Convention was the first convention speciffically to ban chemical weapons, asphixiating gases in 1899, so reasonable to assume it may be prior to that date. Unless it was used for sterilising?My guess would be Middle East somewhwere.


This is actually 1875 Tony, although noxious gases might have been involved you are going off on a tangent. :D:D

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It looks very like Richard Lindon's pump for blowing up rugby balls, made in 1875 ........ as I see now that your pump is for liquid then this is knocked on the head, unless they water ballasted the balls ...... link with military, maybe army rugby team used them.


I'm not familiar the rugby balls apparatus Richard. I did try googling the answer but got no sensible hits. Incidentally the liquid constituency can be varied to suit the circumstances.

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