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wanted picture of tiger moth


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Bit of a side step to the thread, is it true that a large proportion of the tiger moth population is or was grounded as a result of faulty wing spars being fitted


I believe this was a result of a fatal accident when a tie rod failed, due to a crack in the threaded part. This was in Queensland, Australia and they were grounded out there for about 18 months, but back flying again earlier this year. Not sure if it effected those in the UK, but definitely seen some flying here recently.

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A technical news sheet (TNS 29) was raised after the Australian accident to replace the tie rods within 100 flying hours or 6 months of it's issue, the tie rods are now lifed to 18 years or 2000 hours whichever is sooner. We need to carry out a bit of hangar shuffling tomorrow so I'll see if I can get a picture of the tiger in front of the hangar.



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