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WW1 RUINS of VILLERS FRANQUEUX France, taken from the Original Negatives

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Rare set of negatives that show whats left of a village in France


WW1 RUINS of VILLERS FRANQUEUX taken from the Original Negatives from my collection.

Negatives / photos were taken in 1918-1919.

The village suffered extensive shelling during the war.

The names of the owners houses are on the photos.

I printed the photos into a hardback book from the negs [ 6 books only ].

I will be going to see the village in Oct.


This is a link to see all the photos on youtube as its a slide film of them.


book vf ww1.jpg

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Here are some photos that i have taken on the visit. We were made very welcome, it was took a lot of walking to find what houses that were left after ww1, most were taken down after the war.

I have a lot more info to enlarge the book now.

Some then and now photos of the houses.


french house 108Aneg .jpg

vf  oct.jpg

vf oct 1.JPG

vf oct 2.jpg

vf house 2.jpg

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Some more then and now photos.

There were only 12 houses left that you could live in, the rest were pulled down after the war and the village was rebuilt from 1923.

We found 5 of the original houses left as some of the others were pulled down, one of them just 5 years ago.


french house 20 neg .jpg

vf house 1.jpg

vf house 1a.jpg

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I do not work for them.

I have just bought this to colour my B&W photos The software is this Pixbim ColorSurprise AI, you can have 7 days for free, and i take a photo from my pc screen of it. link. ColorSurprise AI Pixbim Downloads | PixBim.  It`s not to bad and needs a little work on the photos, the cost is about $39 or £30 . I do not work for them. Here are some ww1 photos taken from my original negs that i have made in colour of a village in france and a tank photos.  People are harder to colour.  They take from 6sec to 60sec to colour, then i photo enhance them with a photo software on my pc. I have made some colour photos from ww2.



french house 35 neg  vf ww1 colour.jpg

french house 11 vf ww1 colour.jpg

www1 vf french house 103 colour.JPG

french house 94 neg  vf ww1 colour.jpg

ww1 tank in german use colour.jpg

ww1 tank Hollebeck. 1918 colour.jpg

ww1 tank in german use neg with kia crew colour.JPG

french house 48 neg vf ww1 colour.jpg

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I have updated my ww1 photo book and it is now in colour. The photos are taken from my ww1 negatives and i used AI software to add the colour and a lot of work to make them look good. There are some old post cards i have made in colour, as well and some German air recon photos.


FireShot Capture VF book.png

FireShot vf book colour 2021.png

FireShot vf book 2021.png

FireShot vf village.png

vf book air recon.png

FireShot Colour vf book.png

vf book station.png

vf book mon.png

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