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Nazi gold train found in Poland?

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I was thinking yesterday,  "I'm really in the mood for another " Nazi gold train" and Whoila ! :)

These things are great and this one doesn't disappoint , coming with the requisite artists sketch of gold filled chests at the  bottom of a shaft. 

For the locals, every rusty hatch-door in the Forrest is worth tens  of thousands of Euros in tourist dollars

hopefully it will be fun to watch




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sorry guys, it's a bust :)


there's a link to a video on twitter with this explanation in polish, just a shallow well


There was no treasury. Under the hatch in Mamerki there was a well. Not opened from the war, so on 200 hectares there may be some unknown places. There will be further research with the georadar.


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I doubt if any such treasure will be found in Poland ,  anybody who has read the (part fiction) book by Trevor Ravenscroft - The Spear of Destiny etc. will know that even an ancient Polish church altar was taken back to Germany and hidden with the  'lance'  supposedly of more value to Hitler than any amount of gold ?  It seems the highest value items were hidden with best security / secrecy  by Himmler's SS below Nuremberg Fortress within medieval tunnels and using a air-conditioned (stand-by diesel generators) + bank type vault doors.

A well hidden entry blown open by a US aerial bomb and thus exposed to US troops.

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The condition of any items left underground in a tunnel for 75+ years would make identification of most things difficult. I'd wager that such items as the amber room exist, but in a private collection somewhere. Having worked in archaeology a good while, the condition of items found in tunnels would be awful. 

But, it is exciting and I think we all like the 'unknown' aspect of hidden treasures and booby traps! I certainly do. It has fuelled my battlefield archaeology research and fieldwork for many a year. Alas I have only encountered unexploded ordnance and a few artefacts; but if I find the amber room I'll post an update ha 

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I currently work for Kuhne & Nagel (or Kevin & Nigel as we call them)  and as many of you will know they provided the logistics for looted items for the Nazis during the war.  I can have a good look round our 985,000 square foot warehouse in MK next time I am there.


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