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Aalborg defence and garrison museum - revisited

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We just got back from a brief visit to Denmark. The goal was to visit some of the museums, which we hadn't already seen, but also to see New Exhibitions at already visited museums. Starting With Aalborg defence and Garrison museum. http://www.forsvarsmuseum.dk/ I believe it to be my 6th or 7th visit to this museum, and there's always something New there. Being a seaplane base of ww2, they are restoring the old command bunker there. At this time you can visit about half of the bunker, which have old photos and items found in the area. New this year was removing the grass from the roof of the bunker.

Being 75 years since Denmark was invaded the have an Exhibition of the invasion. Also, parallell to this a movie about a bicycle/ motorcycle unit was released at the cinema. The Exhibition shows some of the gir just by such a unit and several old photos from the invasion of Aalborg.


What I think is good about this museum, is that it's always something New there. You are also allowed to touch much of the Collection. Several weapons are displayed, so you can lift them and dry fire them.


The Collection covers pretty much the Whole Danish military from 1600 to present. Planes, tanks, vehicles, guns and firetrucks.


On DVD from August 22nd. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3542188/plotsummary?ref_=tt_ov_pl


Front, showing tanks and Saab Draken



New April 9th display







New from last visit

Bailey bridge



The bunker, unearthed...



New vehicles





Other photos

Obstacle course for the kids













I can highly recommend this museum. It has something intresting for from every service branch. The kids can play around. As mentioned you can actually touch much of the stuff! :-)

And it's dynamic, it changes from from year to year, at least that's my experience.




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