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Commer Q4 chassis number


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Does anyone know the location of the chassis number/plate on a 1950's Commer Q4 please. Ron



Hi Ron,

The parts book states the following;

The Contract and where possible, the WD number of the vehicle ...... stamped on a plate secured to nearside chassis member adjacent to spare wheel carrier.



The chassis number is normally on this Ministry of Supply plate and quite likely that the number is stamped in the chassis close by.



regards, Richard

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Hi Ron - ...ah, that old chestnut...


I had my AFS Q4 inspected last year so the DVLA could add the build date to the V5. They were built in the early-mid 1950s, but mine wasn't registered by the AFS until Jan 1964, so it was tax free but not MOT exempt, even though it was allocated and still has a much earlier registration number - 519 ELM.


It depends whether it's ex-military or ex-AFS I think.


As has been said by Richard, the military parts list says that it's on a plate on the near side close to the spare wheel carrier. If it is a military version, winner!


The AFS versions never had a spare wheel carrier because of the coach built lockers under the body, consequently the AFS parts list says that in addition to the plate under the bonnet, "It is also stamped on the top flange of the N.S. (L.H.) chassis sidemember at the rear spring front bracket location.". Surely that's where the body sits - see below?! :undecided:




I did ask a chap on eBay who was selling an ex-AFS Q4 that had no body on it had he come across the chassis number, and he said that 'yes' he had and - guess what - "Near-side chassis rail just above some rivets, about 12'' behind the rear wall of the cab." That's where the military parts list says it is.... But, as I said, if is has got an AFS body - good luck - because you won't be able to access it as the gap between the lockers and chassis rail is non-existant!


I looked on an early 1960s civvy Commer at Welland a couple of weeks ago, and that had it stamped clearly on the back of the middle of the rearmost cross member, so might be worth a look there.


Failing that, the data plate under the bonnet on the driver's side might be the only way... If it's AFS, these never had Ministry of Supply plates fitted, even though they were supplied via an MoS contract in 1954.




Hope that helps a bit...



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Very concise Duncan, thank you. It is exactly what you describe, an AFS vehicle which is registered 1964 in the log book. The owner claims it to be 1956 which goes along with what you say. He now tells me he's found the number stamped in the chassis. I don't know a lot about these post war vehicles and I'm simply charged with checking and recording the chassis number. It's up to the owner to prove the date of manufacture. Hopefully it will enable him to get the declared date of manufacture added to the V5C.


Cheers Ron


PS this chap is in his 80's and I think he's getting ready to sell the vehicle. If it's of any interest? I can put you in contact.

Edited by Ron
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Thanks Ron.


The latest build date for these Q4s was 1955 as there is a photo in the Rootes Commercials book showing the last Mark 3 Superpoise Q4 rolling off the production line in 1955 - a PDF copy is attached.Rootes Commercials - Henshaw - Nostalgia Road.pdf


The AFS contract details for the Q4s, an MoS contract, are on page 49 of The Green Machine, a great book which lists all the AFS vehicles made with much more info besides. This page gives the contract number, date (April 1954), and the chassis number range - they were built in 1954 and 1955. The AFS didn't have any Q4 vehicles prior to this, although the military did.





If he is selling, always interested! They are pretty rare now and there may well be others in the growing AFS scene who might be interested, especially if it's in anything close to original condition.


Whats the registration mark? Mine, along with many other AFS Q4s, seem to have been stored and registered in 1964 en masse. Some were given B registration marks, others like mine have much earlier marks.



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Ron, I'd chip in but Duncan seems to have very comprehensively described the chassis number options already!


Interesting you're looking at this; these things seem to have started popping up locally recently. I saw an AFS Bikini unit opposite the Square and Compass the other week, and Southern Counties Engineering called me a few months ago about some engine parts for one (not sure what body as I didn't see it). Wonder if this is one of those two - from the description, it sounds as though it may be a third vehicle.

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