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A&E registering an interest to attend...


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Adrian, Jim and I have been bashing around some figures for the amount of vehicles that are attending A&E 2016.


As you can imagine, we are going to blow our figure of 40 vehicles only. We are trying to keep everyone happy but we do, as you will appreciate, have to have a cap as the logistic just become a nightmare and unworkable.


We aren't taking any vehicle bookings at the moment - apart from the tanks that the chaps already have sorted - but we would like to gauge the interest in who would like to attend A&E 2016.


So two questions:


What vehicle would like to bring?


How many people in your 'group'?



Many thanks from us!

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What vehicle would like to bring?


White Scout Car M3A1 - representing Phantom GHQ Liaison Regt - British 2nd Army (was on XXX Corps Trip last year)


How many people in your 'group'?


Four People








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would like to bring my DT 969A and probably just myself only issue is if a&e clashes with the Diamond T 75th in 2016.

met Adrian at war & peace and he did ask if i could come and if the 2 events don't clash i would really like to attend and being only 60 mile away i can drive down no problem.


cheers sam



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