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Faulty GPW brake components on Ebay UK


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Just a heads up, my brake lights were sticking on so replaced my pressure switch with a new one from a UK online seller. The first time I used the brakes properly there was a huge bang as my foot hit the floor and brake fluid sprayed all over the hot exhaust....new switch had just burst in two. Luckily the parking brake saved me from an accident.

Popped into UJS and got one of their switches instead, if you have recently bought a new one online suggest putting some pressure on the brakes before driving on the road.



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Wow thas mad innit, personally I would blank plug the port that screws into and fit a peddle switch instead, the pressure on that switch when braking hard will be huge plus the small amount of air in the switch wouldnt bleed out. Glad your parking brake stopped you and all was safe.

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Glad you survived the incident, and thanks for sharing the reminder and the photo of the failed stop switch. Two months ago one our local MV club member Steve K sent in the following for our club newsletter Tech Tip section:


"As your engine is warming up, stand on the brake pedal harder that you would in a quick/emergency stop. After that, if you didn’t. Blow something or have a wheel lock up, have a nice day/ride!

Much better in your yard then when you REALLY need those brakes not to fail!"


Steve has been playing with CCKWs for the last 35+ years.


Cheers Phil

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