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Devon D Day at Braunton Burrows and Saunton Sands

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Finally (and I promise not to post anymore photographs after this), by the time we got back to the beach my ride (and all my kit) had gone back to Cobbaton in the Dodge. I then hindered Tim in his loading of the Sexton for which he kindly gave me a lift back to Cobbaton in his ex Fury GMC (which I understand is up for sale).


Smiles and waves all the way back to Cobbaton. If you have never been to that museum I would highly recommend it.

Tim is currently restoring their Sherman which was in Fury. it is the one which blew up throwing the turret up in the air. It was recovered from a range and there is great deal to do to return it to running condition:






Many thanks to Preston, Tim, the Devon MVT, First Wave 44 and the Friends of Braunton Burrows for arranging such a superb event. It sets the bar for the rest of the year.


We stayed at the farm house opposite the Cobbaton Combat Museum and it was an arrangement the owner that anyone staying there was allowed free entry into the museum. What a holiday, spent most of the week in there. Every time I would walk around and still see things I'd missed the day before. I would defo. recommend a visit there if you are anywhere near, just follow the little brown tank sign's from Chittlehampton. Tim was very helpful. Not sure if this arrangement is still open.

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