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2015 show - who is going this year?

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So - as the topic heading asks - who will be going to W&P this year???


I sent off the booking form last November and this might well be my last year there with the OT as a lack of work means there is no money after this year to pay the transport bills. Hopefully the Landrover and the UAZ will be there both this year and henceforth though.

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Really looking forward to the show and it sounds like Rex and team listened to feedback last year.


I'm just hoping that there are a few more than the club 101s turn up as I only know of 6 so far

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At our last MVT meeting the general consensus was that regulars were not going this year. I've never been so can't comment although most who have tell me it has lost the plot somewhat ?

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For those who want to go, then go.


For those who don't want to go, then don't.


I'm happy to go, things are still evolving.


I second that Clive, see you there, hope you have a trouble free journey this time :thumbsup:


(suncream and gumboots all in the wagon ........ I was a Boy Scout , Be Prepared)

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mmm curry sounds yummy

are you driving the ferret there?


I hope its yummy...in fact it better be yummy as you will be head chef :)

Yes, will be driving the ferret all the way from Surrey, about 100 miles each way...need to replace all the fluids over the next few weeks to make sure I know where I am starting from as it has stood for 8 years. I think its in remarkable condition considering that, and it has a heap of CES including a Larkspur setup...so will be picking brains at W&P for what is correct, how things should look and connect up etc.

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