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Morris commercial C4


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Never seen a picture off a set up like that, on the very few information I have about the equipment in the radio box most are with a set 19  with are without HP unit.

For this other project I am still looking what a early warning (radar) looks like in the inside of the box?


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I think the radio set in the photo is a Reception set R106.

They could be used to intercept wireless transmissions from the German and Italian forces.

 Links to more info.


http://www.radioblvd.com/National HRO.htm

The other radios they had in this Morris WT truck was a R1132A .

The Receiver R 1132A was developed for use by the Royal Air Force as a ground station receiver for either reception of R/T signals or DF purposes. It was also issued for mobile use with a transmitter vehicle. In the Army the receiver was adapted for monitoring RAF aircraft communication by the Special Wireless Section. Receiver R 1132 A used the AM R/T system and operated on the 100-124MHz frequency. Tropicalised 1132As were used by the RAF in the Far East for ground-to-air communications.



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the side and the rear section are ready to receive some new plate work, just made de wheel arches for both sides of the box .

Looking to construct the upper section of the front wall , just need some more information and measurements for the front windscreen. 






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Hello, I have the remains of the axillary on board generator mounting base on loan out of a Morris W/T box.

It looks like  the base frame is fitted on  the wireless body floor ( very rusty) and connected to to top frame with the same type of rubber mounts used on wireless set 19 base frames.

I really think that there is need for extra sliding part where the generator is fitted on and this part can then be blocked with the clamps on the  frame  ?

Took some pictures with a chore horse generator just temporarily fitted over this frame with the top clamps fitted on to the generator frame work.

Can somebody help on this problem , is  there a extra mounting base in existence for a chore horse are is there a different axillary generator on board  ?

To my knowledge all the bigger generators to a chore horse need the extra switch panel to make it a working battery charger so I doubt that there is a bigger generator on board .

The measurement on the top base are 16 1/2" wide by 21" long.








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For the moment very slow progress on the Morris , looking to put some metal plate on to the wooden construction . A friend will make the front and rear louvres in to the plate work but for the moment he is to match involved in building custom cars,

Did fiend some nice seats for the radio box, one  is the right radio operator seat with a folding back side the second one will go in to the early warning Morris.


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On 1/8/2018 at 7:35 PM, Morris C8 said:

The Morris WT truck was given a name by the men " George"  the WT truck was used by a Army and RAF unit. Photos taken in Italy 1944 .


raf morris radio truck 1944 inside .jpg

morris radio truck back of photo.jpg

The receiver is a HRO with a rack of coils above.

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Get a bit desperate, it's a long wait for the metal panel work. Needed to fettle a bit on the rear body for ease of mind.

Started to make wouden bits for the roof section , on the Sample body (late model) the front- centre and rear roof crossmember are complete in wood. This is made of two rounded bits and on to these side bits is fixed the roof crossmember. I will need to make 7 crossmembers and some have a metal reinforcement and the in between member are not fitted with wooden outsides but have a angled metal support , so in total I need to make 8 angled bits from metal for the roof and made a copy from a good crossmember and need to produce 6 extra crossmember from the model I made.






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