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Best source for Chieftain spares

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Hello guys, as the title says, looking for good sources for Chieftain spares, in the UK or worldwide. Looking for all manner of parts, any help in the right direction is appreciated as always



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Hydraulic pumps and bits like that can be found in an agricultural dealership - hydraulic pump on the GUE that powers the fan etc is off a David Brown tractor.

The oil filter on the GUE is the same as used on some VW diesel engines.

Brake parts - you'll need to get in touch with Past Parts in Bury StEdmunds.


Other than that, Marcus Glenn, etc

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Looking for the usual unobtanium....armored searchlight housing, gun travel crutch, commanders turret bin, commander periscopes, gun thermal sleeve, bazooka plates, etc etc....oh it's a MK2 if that helps at all

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Hello, i live in Russia, in Kubinka tank museum we have Shir-1 in bad condition, i want make little gift to museum, where can i get hull headlights and armored housing for IR searchlight or at least all dimension of it to weld mockup for tank ?


I am not an employee of the museum



tank in 1988, now it even doesn't have headlight, museum installed soviet


I apologize for poor English

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hey guys

im currently on the hunt for some bolts that i believe were for the track plate of the chieftain, they are 3/8 UNF and of a hex countersunk variety and are very rare so im told, i was wondering if anyone here could point me in a direction that may help

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