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Shuttleworth Collection VE Day airshow 3/5/15

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The airshow was blighted by the weather which put pay to the first world war and some of the inter war aircraft flying but did get off to a good start with a beat up by a Bf109 Buchon, then followed by displays from the collection's PO2, sea Hurricane, piston provost, Gloster Gladiator, Hawker Hind, Demon and the fighter collection's Nimrod. The Hangar 11 P51 Mustang and Consolidated Catalina from duxford also visited before the show was finished with the DH88 Comet. Sadly I was busy during the flying so here are some pictures of the MVs who turned up to support the show despite the showers. Thank you to the forum members and the Huntingdonshire MVT for coming and I hope you all enjoyed yourselves and we can keep building things up and you are all welcome again.











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As Lauren says it's the Shuttleworth Collection's Fordson WOT2H complete with a light warning (early radar) body but unlike the one dawnpatrol on here restored it seems to have never been fitted out inside and without the roof hatch for the aerial.



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