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Bedford 28HP Head Bolt weaping



Hi all,


My second issue is that i have noticed one of the rear head bolts is weeping a bit of water (bubbles when the engine is running). It's only slight but worring never the less. I think two trips to France has taken it's toll!!


I'm thinking of removing the problem bolt, drying the cavity threads with compressed air, adding some sealer to the bolt threads then re-installing.


Does anyone see any issues with the above and do they think it may solve the issue?





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If the bolt does not actually pass through the water jacket and water is getting into the bolt hole then it must be coming from somewhere - either leaking along between the water holes and the bolt hole in the head gasket or through a small crack in the cylinder head between the water jacket and the bolt hole.


Now all that sounds a bit drastic, but if it really is the tiniest of weeps and only the occasional bubble then it may be prudent to leave well alone.


A check of the head bolt torque settings might be worth doing, but only with a great deal of care I think. I would be tempted to add some K Seal to the coolant and keep an eye on things for now. The alternative is head off and some prudent crack/non destructive testing.


Oh and it is worth considering if rainwater is running onto the top of the engine somehow and collecting in the recess round the bolt - when the engine gets hot it boils off as you describe!

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