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Looking for Bedford RL detail info

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Evening all,

As stated recently in Sharkys RL thread (Hello again Iain:D)....we have an RL kit coming out in the next few months.

I'm in the process of finalising the details right now & am looking for some insight on a few details if anyone could kindly help out. (Will also have Saxon ready v-soon but thats another story)


1) Would anyone have a photo of a fully rigged body headboard with pioneer tool fitted or at least a picture of all the brackets in place please? I can see where the shovel fits, & I can see what looks like pick head clamp fittings....but I have no idea about where the helve is carried.:blush:


2) Next is any info, pictures etc of the infantry seats please?....I remember in my head what they look like & how they fold etc, but its the detail like how many wooden slats in the seat & back rest & how many 'over body' hooks etc.


3) Does anyone know, did the RL tailboard have a spring assisted reaction bracket fitted, (like on the MK) as standard or fitted in later service? Or was it all gravity & muscles?


Any decent pics of the canopy bars, canopy, tailboard, side boards would be most excellent also, just to cross reference the photos I already have.


You blokes have always been brilliant with info, so a big thanks in advance :thanx:


Best regs.......Howard @ KFS



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1 - I can get a photo of brackets and probably pioneer tools fitted if you give me a few days (but don't let that stop you other chaps posting any)


2 - sorry, mine hasn't got them.


3 - In my experience gravity and muscles, but that's not exhaustive by any means.

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Cheers Wally, many thanks......well that proves they were there anyway !!

The body we've copied is a later dropside version...just got one very grainy in service picture which appears to show the assister on the other side, like an MK.

One step closer never the less :drive:


Thanks again.

Best regs........Howard

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Howard (and Wally), my apologies, I think I'm going senile. My own RL has a tailboard assister on and it'd gone from my memory completely!


Howard, I'll email you the full res images. Austin, if you PM me your email I'll send them to you as well.

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Hello Chaps,

Just a BIG public thank you to Sean for his assistance on the RL detail questions !

He has kindly taken the time & trouble & provided me with exactly what I needed & more besides:thanx:


HMVF to the rescue again:saluting:


Best regs.......Howard @ KFS

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