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Land Rover V8 SU carb 3.5 Snatch engine problems

paul connor

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A friend of mine had a problem many years ago (1978) with a misfire on a V8 on a landrover 1tonne, it was bad starting and misfiring, he eventually diagnosed that it was only firing on one bank of 4 cylinders. The fault was traced to a faulty sensor/switch but cannot remember what one although the oil sensor springs to mind it was such a long time ago time has faded the full incident.



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from my experience, most problems with the lovely HIF SU's is down to wonky Lucas ignition components.. :D


Land rover fitted both HIF SU's and Strombergs to Rover V8's, the SU "clicky clicky" pumps were replaced with the facet type unit.


I would suspect ignition.. is it an 8v system? if so 1. make shore the ballast resister is ok and 2. you have the right Coil!!


the other big one is the leads have a look at them see if they say "suppression" on them if they do change them for non suppression leads.. suppression leads are for EFI lumps [CUX14] etc yet seem to get sold as a "one size fits all".


have you checked the timing? unlikely to have moved over night but then things like the centrifugal weights operation and the dwel could all be checked in one hit..

if it makes you feel better ive been there... very frustrating!



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Have you correctly positioned the HT wires in the correct relationship to each other according to the diagram in the workshop manual ? IIRC you should have some plastic spacer clips to do this , if this is not done then there is a danger of cross-fire.

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Quick update - Problem solved!


A good friend was passing , as he lives in Kent and not normally down this way, who has loads of experience with V8's.


Turns out there were two faults.


One was a blocked Carb, which is confusing as I cleaned and blew it through before.

Second fault was the carb linkage had bent and was jamming!

This together was causing a huge misfire as 4 cylinders were not getting fuel!


Live and learn!


Thanks for the help guys, at least I will see you all at shows now!



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