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RTR Vehicles, Egypt 1931 - who may ID them?

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...after a longer time of absence here (I was rather busy with vintage aircraft and civilian types of cars) I come back with some ID requests. A friend has asked me to help him with a book-project. ID of photos is a topic but I am better in landscapes of Egypt and mainly Libya than in types of vehicles.


I post some snippets of the photos here - and hope that somebody may be able to tell us what type of vehicles they are.


Many thanks for your assistance in advance :-)





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Nice photos, you don't often see 1930s photo's of military vehicles compared to WW1 & WW2.


Early 150 gallon Water bowser/trailer similar to my 180 gallon WW2 type, any chance of emailing me the photo please. regards Ian

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Thank you very much for your quick assistance :-)


I would go then for a CROSSLEY IGL 2 - is that correct?


@ Ian - unfortunately I shall not distribute the photos now (except above snippets for identification) since they are foreseen to be used in a new book.

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Hello there folks ... yes the first and third photographs are definitely Crossleys ... as well as IGL2 type there is an outside chance they could be model BGV which stands for Crossley .. British Government Vehicle .. the giveaway is the fluted profile of the radiator top tank which has the oval cast into it in which is the script "Crossley" . If they were model IGL3 they would more than likely have the slightly later radiator which does not have the flutes but still has the oval with "Crossley" cast into it. If you look at the threads on the forum on the Crossley Kegresse half tracks and find the pictures of the one and a half ton Crossley Kegresse which is being restored at Deepcut presently you will see a very similar radiator.

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