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M3A1 Stuart Tank Firing A M3 Flame Thrower

Steve Greenberg

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I take my hat off to you, things could have got a little crispy in there if there was a malfunction !

I have always wanted to get a Churchill crocodile working, maybe one day :cool2:


That would be cool.

The Welch division had crocodiles when they liberated 's-Hertogenbosch.

I think we met some of the veterans who used them.

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The M3 flame throwers are very hard to find. I do not own the one that was mounted in my tank. It belongs to a collector in New York. I have my tank set up to fire 37MM blanks. Here are a couple links to youtube videos:




The videos are cool. I think the tank is drifting through turns, which I never imagined is possible. I read somewhere that flamethrowers are not illegal in USA, so I am sure you can have one fabricated. Won't be authentic, but would perform.

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