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Ever since being a young boy I have always had a passion for green machines. I have dreamed of owning a tank and being able to drive a piece of heavy metal - dream on!! Think I will have to settle for a jeep as it is the thing that will fit in the garage !!

I have good basic practical skills but not an expert with years of experience working on military vehicles. So, hopefully when I get stuck a quick message posted on this forum will get a reply and I'll be sorted. I really do respect experience and craftsmanship. I do also read quite a lot covering all aspects of WW2, that said I also do a bit of WW1 and post WW2.


Best wishes to you all.

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I dreamed of owning armour since a young age too, so I bought a Saracen. If that's what you really want, get yourself something like a Ferret; they aren't too much more expensive than a good Jeep and certainly tick a few boxes :)




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