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Military Compass



I bought my son a compass off the web and it has a bubble in it. The seller says it is normal as it is designed to show the user when he is holding it level, however it already has a separate spirit level next to the dial for this very purpose.


Is the wool being pulled over my eyes? I can't say I remember such a bubble being in the compass when I was doing map reading in the Army?


Also its strange that none of the photos of the item show the bubble, neither does the photo on the box.

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The fluid in there is to damp the movement of the needle. Small bubbles in the liquid-filled capsule have no influence on compass accuracy. They may appear or disappear in response to changes in temperature and atmospheric pressure. May want to put it somewhere warm. If a bubble larger than 1/4 inch diameter appears, the capsule may be damaged or leaking and will need to be replaced.

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