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Welcome along, my advice would be join your local MVT group if you haven't already and take someone who knows Jeeps properly with you when you go to view. There are lots of Jeeps around not all of them what they appear to be. Check the engine is holding water as they can have cracks/leaks around the distributor the Ford block seems particularly prone to this. Check the oil pressure when running above idle 40 psi + is good do this when the engine is warm. Check 4wd works along with Hi and Lo, brakes are pulling up squarely and the big issue RUST. Mainly do the checks you would for any second hand vehicle, these trucks are 70+ yrs old so expect issues but that's half the fun :D Good Luck.

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Some great advice - thank you all.


I am looking at a Ford Jeep that looks good. It is being re-built, so wait out.


Next thing is that I am looking for a trailer for it - any idea's?


I will probably attend the Lytham 40's event and thinking of setting up a Med Aid post.

I'm new at this game so need insurance - any idea's for that?

Also anyone know where I can buy a WW2 type wall tent?


I feel that I am demanding - but living history sounds like interesting fun!!!!

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