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Hi Everyone. Current owner and admirer of military vehicles.


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Hi Everyone,


I'm Ryan and new here obviously. A little about myself. I currently own a couple of ex-military LR's including an interesting 6x6 mortar carrier variant. I've also recently purchased a 1943 Standard UV series Tilly, which is my reason for finding and joining the forums. I'm only a young fella at 25 but love all things old and vintage especially vehicles and machinery. From classic cars to vintage tractors I just love restoring and playing with old stuff. Learning new skills and making things. My family often says I was born in the wrong era.


I plan on doing a full restoration on the Standard Tilly which is looking a bit worse for wear at the moment. From what I've read and the limited information that seems to be available these aren't exactly the most common vehicle. Which seems to be the case with every restoration project I've taken on to date. So I'll need lots of help and encouragement along the way.


I look forward to browsing the site and getting to know you all a bit better. I've already found a thread I absolutely love where a gentleman is restoring a 1914 lorry from just a chassis, I love stuff like that.

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Welcome aboard, don't worry there is a few of us youngns on here and I can confirm I've been told I was born in the wrong era too, and to be honest there are times I wish I had been.

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Thanks for the warm welcomes everyone!! I've already found some interesting and great reads on here. And also maybe one or two contacts about my Tilly. Thanks again really enjoying it. I'll get some photos of my Tilly up very soon. Although she isn't much to look at, at the moment and most of you will probably think I'm crazy for taking it on. But that's half the fun.

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And yes Richard in Australia which should make finding parts and having them posted and shipped here an interesting challenge.


Richard comes to Corowa every year; you might be able to get him to sneak some bits over in his carry on luggage ;)




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