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Yorkshire Wartime Experience Show 3-5th July 2015

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A big thank you to all involved in the YWE 2015 show..


As regulars at W&P for many years from SW Scotland, we just can't get on with their new venue at Folkstone so we thought we give YWE a try this year and we were delighted. :)


From the excellent and varied events in the arena to the myriad and variety of vehicles, re-enactors, stands and facilities we couldn't fault it and we had a Spitfire display on the Saturday as well. The WW1 trench attack was good to watch, but the honours there have to go to the Sergeant for his excellent articulation in explaining what was about to 'appen! In the words of the elderly gentleman standing beside me after 'is performance, "..thank you, Corporal!!" :laugh:


Easy to get to, and ample parking too. We'll definately be back next year and recommending this to others, and hope YWE goes from strength to strength. Thanks again, and all the very best..



Steve and Michelle.. :D

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YWE just got bigger and better. A big thank you to Stuart and all his team for a great weekend - just a shame the weather brought things to such an abrupt end on Sunday. Great to see so many British wartime vehicles together, particularly the parade round the arena.


Mike S.

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Enjoyed the show it was the first year we came with the valentine and ferret the storm at the end on sunday bought things to end quickly manged to get loaded and away by 1900hrs didnt have time to look around the all show but what I see was great.


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Thanks in particular, Al, for bringing the Valentine. It was wonderful to see it running in the arena. In fact, I saw it running twice. By chance, for a time I was directly behind you in the queue for the exit on Sunday afternoon. And as the rain lashed down, I gave serious consideration to abandoning the Land Rover and climbing aboard Al's version of Noah's Ark...




YWE 5 July 2015 002.jpg

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Great event that just gets better and better ! Just realised that I was talking to Antar ( John ) with Timbo !!! I am making sure that all my toys come next year !!!!:)

Small world ! we must have chatted for an hour without really knowing it !

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Great show ....really enjoyed the whole show seems to get better each year..some great kit and displays and always good to see the tanks and rarer kit

my jeep has had a very troublesome year ,I like most owners have built up a stock.of parts..but this year found a real issue with good quality parts ..I bought some distributor caps off the internet and the quality was very poor...in fact most of my spares are now poor quality .the jeep drove to YwE without issue but broke down in the display circuit ..a big thank you to Ian Garbutt who towed me with his GMC...

After a few distributors and condensors /leads and lots of advice it got home.

I now need to source some good quality parts.....



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