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North Oxfordshire & Cotswolds Bicester Heritage frost bite run.

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Each year Julian of the NOC MVT organises a frost bite run to blow away the cobwebs so to speak. This year it coincided with the Bicester Heritage open day (brunch). Bicester is a remarkably complete RAF airfield which is now being turned sympathetically into a historic vehicle restoration park. More of that later though.

I usually miss the road run as I am away but this time it worked out quite well and promised to attend. However, this morning when I got up it was minus 4 degrees, the roads were covered with ice and everything with thick frost. With a little trepidation John and I set off in the Jeep for the 10 mile journey to Bicester, but had to stop every mile or so to wipe the windscreen clear of ice. I had some diluted antifreeze which we put on the windscreen which fended off the ice for a while but we then resorted to driving with the windscreen open which was invigorating! The ice was not too much of a problem but I did manage to spin the back of the Jeep right out as I made a sharp right turn. All very exciting.

We arrived at Bicester Homebase right on time and met up with a further 18 vehicles for the start.

Spot who came in the most weather appropriate vehicle!


Setting off went well for the first hundred yards and then I took a wrong turn following two others which took a little while to sort out. Someone nearly pulled out into me, beeped at me and then chased me down the road overtaking me then blocking the road, getting out and shouting at me. Unfortunately he thought my passenger was driving instead of me so seemed a little confused when I apologised for nearly crashing into him. As John and I walked towards him in a friendly manner and he then noticed another Jeep with three passengers was parked alongside him he hurried back to his yellow Volvo and drove off.

After about 10 miles of frosty lanes we stopped for some photos:










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We then returned to Bicester, but passed lots of classic cars going the other way. I think the cold weather had put them off. Strange really as almost all of them were wearing Irvine jackets.

Many of the buildings are undergoing restorations and we thought they were doing a really nice job. The ultimate aim is to give these buildings a real purpose which will ultimately save them. The owners appeared to be really throwing a great deal of money at the site. It made for some great photo opportunities, but sadly I was so cold I couldn’t hold the camera firm and did not take many photos:




Buildings under refurbishment:


Had no idea what this building was. Had very thick blast walls:





Just post WW1 “Fire party hut” (sounds fun)


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It would make a good location for an MV show but I cant see that happening. They hold several vehicle events each year so MV's could form part of a larger show.


Here are a couple more photos from Guy.

I don't know where the Dodge, Land Rover and Ferret came from:



The K2 belongs to David:


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We found the ice - both black and white ! slowed us up sufficiently to miss the rendezvous,so we went on to the aerodrome direct with the K2 and Jeep rather than try to find you all in the fog.


The freezing fog meant that the front of both vehicles were caked in ice which caused me to panic a bit when returning to the ambulance about quarter of an hour later after parking up to see a stream of ( thawed) water falling from the rad grille.


An enjoyable,if slightly masochistic day out,made more enjoyable in the knowledge that the previous nights rain had washed all of the County Council's salt away.


Looking forward to going there again in April on "Drive it Day"



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The K2 looks as good as ever David, no carb icing I hope ?






Thanks Pete, I haven't suffered from that for quite a long time due to the fact that we tend to run the motor and warm up for a while before moving off.


When I first had the K2 all those years ago carb icing caused all manner of awkward moments with spluttering and cutting out in the early spring.


By the time you pulled over,got out,walked round and lifted the bonnet the frost would have disappeared. Having looked at the points and jets,off you'd go being the none the wiser. It probably took three or four years for the penny to drop !


Some while ago I had a very nice rad muff made and never fitted,for what reason I can't remember.I should dig it out for days like that one. I'm pleased to report though that had I been carrying any patients they would have been fine as the heater in the rear is working well.



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I'd hoped to have made the trip with Tobin. Unfortunately due to family being up, I couldn't. My dad and I did take the Scout carrier out and about on a mini road run. Driving carriers on the road can be fun but the ice certainly helps keep concentration levels high!! Fortunately I didn't have an issue until we went looking for a little ice at Turweston airfield.


Perhaps next year in the Dingo!!

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Your reference to Bicester heritage led me to search for their pages on Facebook; https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bicester-Heritage/558643060833836

where you will find these & other good images




Was this article originally published in Classic Military Vehicle ? It has that look.


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