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I'm new to this forum

Looking at obtaining a LVT

Interested to hear from any LVT owners and anyone who knows of surviving AMTRACs, Parts and Manuals. (even general enthusiasts)

Amazed at the lack of general information on surviving LVTs, parts etc

Does anyone know of any LVT organisations, clubs or Association's around?

Trying to put together a listing of all the LVTs around.

Please feel free to email or message me.




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Here are the details of the NATIONAL ARMY MUSEUMs LVT 3 its wartime number is P 346871 ITS POST WAR number is

07 ZS 28 this was applied in 1949 there is evidence of it been penetrated by a single large calibre round through the

port side of the hull and lodging in the upper part of the engine bay this damage can be seen only by opening the port side engine bay door AS to is it still kept active from my own knowledge of the N A M s collection of vehicles l doubt it very much and it has been in storage since it left Beverley IF you go on the national army museums on line collection you can see a picture of it when it was in Beverley



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Hi Tim

Thanks for the link

The LVT-4 from NSW has found a home in The Australian Armour & Artillery Museum in Cairns,QLD. They have another restored LVT-4 already on display.

This LVT-4 from NSW is currently having work done on it.

The other LVT-4 is still on mornington Island as far as I know. Because of the remote location, it would require a lot of cost to get it out.

Kind regards


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Ah, I saw the Cairns one parked around the back of the museum a few days ago. Maybe his plan is to build a dam out the back and take tourists for rides. I might be up on Mornington Island early this year, and if so, I will get more photos.


Regards, Tim

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