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Dosen't this post from the site contain the dimensions that you need?


Posted: Jan. 13 2010, 12:49 ET

There were a number of models of wartime suppressed Mk II Stens, although the 2 main ones are:


Carbine, m/c Sten, 9mm Mk2(S) - A MkII Sten that utilises the 12 & 3/4 " long x 1 & 1/2" OD - Mk2(S) - {S = special purpose) silencer (drawn steel tube) and canvas "Sleeve, thermal' and horsehair liner pad handguard - (trickyrick posted a pic of this variant)


The SOE (Special Operations Executive) type that utilised the 22 & 1/2" x 2 1/4" OD - CISA silencing unit -that attaches to the casing (Brit Mil. nomenclature for 'receiver') by the barrel nut AND a springloaded uni-directional ratchet plate which is fixed to the right hand side of gun, just ahead of the MkII magazine housing by a 3/32" screw.


There are some great pics of the latter in Pete Laidler's Sten book that I can scan if they are of use.

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