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Greetings from Illinois in the USA


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Greetings to All. My name is Dale, and presently I reside about an hour north of Chicago, Illinois, right near Lake Michigan. I am in my 60s, am retired from the US Army, and presently teach military history part-time. I discovered this site from a link on another web forum that I am on, where I do a lot of posting of military information that I have acquired over the years. I did my Army service in Alaska, so I know what minus 65 degree Fahrenheit is like, with no wind chill, and what that does to vehicles. Note, do NOT try to change a tire at that temperature on the side of the road.


While I do not own any former military vehicles, my favorite one, which I keep trying to convince my better half that we need (with lack of success so far), is the US amphibious truck of World War 2, the DUKW. Aside from its use in World War 2 and the Korean War, it would still be quite useful in some areas of the World.

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