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Landrover roll bars in Cyprus.



When I was in Cyprus in the late 1990s it was just before the last of the Series 3s were withdrawn. All of the Landrover 90s and 110s had a different pattern of roll bar compared to their UK counterparts. The roll bar had a removable top section that was held in place by pins. I was reminded of this because there is one for sale on ebay. I have attached the photos so that you can see what I'm talking about.


I'm hoping that somebody can tell me what the purpose of the removable section is, and why it was required in Cyprus.

roll bar 1.jpg

roll bar 2.jpg

roll bar 3.jpg

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Hope this explains,


Modification Instruction No9 :"This modification introduces the use of a Roll over Bar with demountable top section to allow a reduction in vehicle height when loaded into helicopters".


ISIS (Item of Supply Information System):7RU 2590-99-253-6871 BAR, ROLLOVER-REDUCED HEIGHT ROLLOVER BAR FOR CHINOOK LOADING.



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