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Spw-40p2 (brdm-2)

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Last year I was in your neighborhood visiting the Tank Museum, Ian told me I should have visited your BRDM :)


He's allready been here to see mine!


Mine is suffering from me not having the C1 driving license yet, so it's not doing a lot of miles.. Still have a list of things to do..

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Can't say that I remember it happening.. It's been in storage now for 2 months I think.. Won't be going again until I have to go for MOT in february so can check then.


I had it leaking quite a bit when I had the wrong fluid in before.. But that all stopped once I purged it as much as I could and put the proper fluid in..


And while we are at it, here is a picture of it :-) Still need to repaint it..


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Oh, for those interested in learning about when your BRDM was made:



Mine is January 1986, made at the Murom locomotive plant.. (The hull atleast :))

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