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Panzer IV (Pz.Kpfw. IV) ex hard target - auction

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I know of an idiot with a shot up old tank just as bad as that one which will be worth a fraction of the value of the panzer :)


We all know that guy....... which reminds us any updates?:cool2:


Did you see the Cromwell tracks on ebay?

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my opinnion is that they made a very good deal after all

even thought it looks quite gloomy project at the first sight

i´m sure that all heavy metal / softskin enthusiasts in this forum

consider it more attractive than the broken 10 000 000 $ ming - dynasty vase





one important thing


it was government auction and it has legal papers


originally it was bought from germany 1944 so all bought german stuff stayed in here

german property, captured vehicles, airplanes, shipps and engines etc equipment

had to send to russia 1945-1952 (war reparations) after Lappland war 1944- 1945




by the way


nowadays if you go to Golan heights Syria to buy "fully loaded" pzkfw IV

.... it is quite possible that your loose head comes back in the same container with your panzer IV




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hi mike


nothing much happening with the old Churchill other than picking up bits and pieces where possible, the Cromwell and bren carrier are taking all my time at the mo but I look forward to the day I can start on it.

thanks for the heads up on the Cromwell track I hadn't seen the ad before, funnily enough that is my old centaur track that kevin powles is selling on. might have to buy it off him as spares for mine :)



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