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Panzer IV (Pz.Kpfw. IV) ex hard target - auction


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Panzer IV (Pz.Kpfw. IV)

ex hard target - auction


....auction in Finland





i think this item is not for track-kickers

it seems the final price is going to be high ?



and ....if you do not speak finnish..


i recommed ...only serious enquiries to these phone numbers

Millog Oy phone : 040 315 7999 (surplus company phone)


Maavoimien Materiaalilaitoksen Esikunta to mr Kimmo Uotila, phone 0299 460 355 (Defence Forces phone)






For general enquiries please contact the Finnish Defence Forces national switchboard on:


+358 (0) 299 800


Email: firstname.lastname@mil.fi









-59 Ferret mk1 02 CC 30

-54 Ferret mk1 54-82550

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So.........er.... :) call me stupid or miserable or whatever but....

.........even if you had that sort of money lying around idle?....

...would any of you seriously have paid 200,000 Euros for that wreck ?....that's almost £160,000 by my reckoning...

with at the very least the same amount and a whole lot more again to be spent on it before it was ever even vaguely resembling a tank ...

......and yes I know some of you will say

"but it'd be worth maybe £500,000 when it was done !"

well maybe so but....

I can't imagine taking on such an smashed wreck is going to be in any way whatsoever an 'easy' nor really an enjoyable task? ...to say nothing of the stress and hassle and heartbreak of even attempting to find all the bits you'd need ?..........

.....never mind the horror of writing all the cheques and handing over extremely large wads of cash for rusty crusty knackered and decayed bits and pieces?...and that's if you were lucky enough to find them in the first place....probably from some chancer dealer who knew damn well how desperately you needed them and so fleeced you in some sort of order before he handed them over ????? .....

I dunno ...call me pessimistic too if you want to but....

I understand it's a properly historic vehicle but..... there are others in the world ( Golan Heights / various former Syrian and Iraqy military bases etc) that are in far more complete condition so.....if you had the kind of money that is gonna be needed to rebuild this one?....then why wouldn't you just head out to wherever you needed to go to buy one of the others and save yourself having heart failure on the way ?

Am I getting the wrong end of the stick or what ????? :-)

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When you consider how many wrecks he has in his collection I think he looks at it as building up assets, some like to look at the bank balance others stroll through the assets. The other day a chap was interviewed on TV, he had a classic Ferrari that he brought back in 2008 which was now valued at £10,000,000 ten times what he paid for it back in 2008. If luck is on your side those assets may accumulate 😊

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got a bargain, I was expecting it to go for more but the new owner will have to use original parts where possible if he wants to get over the £1m mark and besides they say rose tinted glasses are essential when buying a project.

I know of an idiot with a shot up old tank just as bad as that one which will be worth a fraction of the value of the panzer :)

tanks 012.jpg

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