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parts hunting sdkfz 7

sdkfz 7

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Very nice Sir Indeed.


Looking forward to the restoration, once you find or build a chassis. Great find with the tracks BTW :D Also, keep an eye out on milweb.com as a guy was selling the top armour from German Halftrack and a chassis. Thought you would have bought it.



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wow, I thought you were joking, but that chassis really was buried in someones garden, right under the Tulips.:-)


It amazes the lengths that people will go thru to put together a vehicle, looking for little pieces all over Europe.


Then you see a complete Hanomag rotting out in the weather like the one in Bosnia . :(

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where did all that water come from? Did you pump it out later and check for more parts down in the mud? it appears the chassis was lying up-side down and the digger flipped it over before dragging it out of the hole?

maybe the engine is still down there too?


I understand the heavy equipment is very expensive to rent, so time was not a luxury on pulling the chassis out .


The other thing I've been thinking about is the fact that most WW2 veterans are dying out, and therefore a lot of the people who were around back then and know where stuff like this is buried. It's good that people are grabbing whatever they can right now and preserving history .


Thats amazing, looks pretty complete
certainly on the front half, Looks like the front suspension and steering mechanism, all the way back to the drive wheels and first road wheel.


That makes you wonder what could have ripped the back half off? Typically when you see a vehicle cut in half the first thought is it ran over a mine, but if this was dug up in Germany then it must be end of the war, with the panzers in retreat. Unlikely they would have run over their own mine-field?


In one picture it looks like the vehicle was hit on the left side, just behind the first road wheel. Everything is bent towards the side opposite the driver.


Udo any guesses on what destroyed this truck?

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