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Aquino 2014 May 31st Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

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This year, for the second year in a row, I attended the early summer event at the end of May. I was the invited guest of another forum member Al Duffy who is the gentleman behind a major amount of support for the Ontario Regiment Museum.


He is also a collector in his own right and has become very much wrapped up in CVR(T)s and other modern British equipment that has a connection to the first Gulf War. Infact some of his vehicles have proven Gulf War history or they are presented in such a way as to replicate that vehicles that participated.


I have been priviledged to know Al for a few years now and work with him when time allows.


This year as the second year of a major event at the museum site a much larger set of period displays was organised by the museum staff volunteers. We had bleacher seating for this year and an MC with microphone etc.


The event is getting bigger and gaining momentum. Some of us have attended events in the UK and in the US and see the way to draw the paying public is to have running vehicles fr the public to watch.


This year the event was coincided with a meeting of AMPS who are the scale model making end of our hobby.


The museum has put together quite a nice video and I am posting a link to the event here.


The event has grown and will continue to grow, there are many good people who volunteer their time and haul their vehicles to the event. We are a much smaller population in this country and much less densely located so to draw people and vehicles is difficult.


Its a grand event. I know of at least one person coming from the UK for next year's event.


I know others will be along to make some comments in due course.


A 110% thumbs up all around, and thankfully the weather worked out as well.





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