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SA80 mount in a Land Rover 110

robin craig


Can anyone show me some drawings sketches or mabe some pictures of how the two SA80 mounts are set in a Land Rover, kind of the early 110 vehicles not more modern Wolf ones.


I think there are some manufactured brackets that the weapon clips get bolted to. I need to figure out what they are.


Any help or tips or leads gratefully received





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Small arms clips parts required:-

46MT1 2540-99-740-7338 barrel clip assembly FV 952299 qty 2

6MT1 2540-99-724-5832 butt clip;sa80 rifle FV 952327 qty 2

7RU 2540-99-301-3706 block, support FV 2203736 qty 2

7RU 2540-99-257-9141 bracket, support FV2203737 qty 2

7RU 2540-99-601-7752 bracket, barrel clip FV 2203738 qty 2

7RU 2540-99-234-4108 tube brace FV 2203739 qty 2

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I will HAPPILY pay the postage and whatever you want for the bracketry. I have the two basic SA80 clip sets (ie enough for two rifles) so need everything else.


I would much prefer to put money in your pocket for it than pay a company I dont know.


Will happily do an emt or paypal or whatever your choice.


Did you ever want those Newhaven postcard books I offered you yonks ago?


Can we take this to email please?



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