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Mk1 Militant horn

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Hello chaps,


This is almost a "I may be stupid but"......:blush:


Could anyone tell me where the horn is located on a Mk1 Militant please ?

Have been through hundreds of pics from most angles & I can't find the bugger anywhere


Thanks in advance lads.:D


Howard @ KFS

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In Front of the Front wheel arch!


The is a space in between the front panel and the actual wheel arch horn is in there, wiring for it comes through the cab floor beside the steering column.


If you look up behind the panel where the arrow shows you should see it.

375 UXK horn location.jpg

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"mine is on the back (inside) of the bumper, rhs"


Funnily enough thats where I expected it to be. But both positions make sense in a way. AEC must have decided to put it out of the way so it did'nt fill up with spray. (if a Milly could go quick enough to make spray that is)


I'll make a note on the kit instructions about alternative positions I think. Its not a big deal though.


Cheers lads.

Howard @ KFS

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