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M4A4 in a British collection


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hello guys,


I'm looking for the current location and/or the serial number of this beautifully restored M4A4. It could be SN 17260 from a private owner in Bristol, or 19106 from a private owner in Ashendon, or 19406 from Kent area... (19106 and 19406 could be the same tank in fact)


thanks for any clue..







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I am pretty sure it's forum member Jim Clark's Sherman V retrofitted with Radial engine. Hard to see on the picture, but I have seen it in person a few times last week and on the right side, near the front, it says "Jims little tank". Awesome that Jim decided to swap the US registration for British and proper kit for the XXX Corps run.....and not only Jim's Sherman, at least 5 Shermans were resprayed and finished in the proper markings for the event....also Adrian's V and the M4A2.....the latter appearing in 2nd US AD at Tanks in Town and full British one week later!



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thanks for the information, I'd be happy to get its serial number.


I agree with you, I've seen the M4A2 in US markings at Tanks in Town. Glad to see it in British markings one week later !!


Alex van de Wetering, there was also an M4A1 named "Berjou", which was built by Lima LW in 1943 I think. Any guess about the owner, or even the country it comes from?





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