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Scammell Pioneer Restoration

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I've put up here some photos showing me, my brother and dad stripping down our Scammell SV/2S for restoration the summer before last. Unfortunatly only minor works have been carried out since, because I had to go back to university. Now that uni is finished we hope to make considerable progress.




Lifting the crane off the back




Winch assembly out






More to be added as progress is made



Mod Edit.. sorted out the photos for you... Lee :-D

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Cheers for sorting the photos Lee, what did I do wrong?


Yeah its easy when you have the equipment, unfortunatly I no longer have the telehandler at my disposal, but I do have a whole Scammell spread to the four corners of the barn, so if anyone knows of a telehandler looking for a good home, or one I could borrow occasionally in the Yeovil area email me at - scammell4199@hotmail.com



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Sandblasted the chassis at the weekend. See photos below. This was our first time at trying blasting on this scale ourselves, and I now believe its the way to go if you can get the equipment, much cheaper and you get the result you want.


width=640 height=480http://i204.photobucket.com/albums/bb164/scammell4199/Image026.jpg[/img]

Clearing the mess up


width=640 height=480http://i204.photobucket.com/albums/bb164/scammell4199/Image027.jpg[/img]

Darth fader with a blasting gun!


width=640 height=853http://i204.photobucket.com/albums/bb164/scammell4199/Image028.jpg[/img]

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Any more progress!

Be interested to see some more photographs.


That's a helluva blast kit. Looks similar to what was used on my 101 chassis when I took it to be blasted. Had to use my small kit at home to tidy up missed bits afterwards though.

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Sorry not much progress. I've blasted and painted a load of chassis fittings and hope to fit them this week.

It certainly is a helluva blaster you wouldn't believe how fast it is.

I figured the crane weighed just over a ton, maybe ton and a quarter.

There is ballast on the front of the vehicle to hold down front end when lifting on the crane, but no ballast as such at the back, just the mass of heavy recovery equipment carried in the wooden lockers which mount on the outriggers on the crane structure.

There is a winch you can see it under the crane as its being lifted off, plus theres a photo of it on a pallet just after it came off, its rated at 8 tons.

Unfortunalty progress is slow since I work away alot see photo below, yes those tracks are as tall as me!

Also while i've got people interested we've just being given our marching orders on the barn we rent for the Scammell and Matador and have to be out by new year, so if anyone knows of any space available in the Yeovil/ Crewkerne area of Somerset please please let me know ASAP cos we're running out of time on: scammell4199@hotmail.com OR richard.fryer@sewardwyon.co.uk


<a href="http://photobucket.com" target="_blank"><img src="http://i204.photobucket.com/albums/bb164/scammell4199/200907VISIT026.jpg" border="0" alt="Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket"></a>

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Dad and I drove upto Staines a few weeks ago to pick up another engine for the Scammell. The original has very low oil pressure and shards of white metal in the oil!! I've got another with cracked cylinder blocks but good bottom end coming. I hope to build one good one and maybe a spare out of the three. See photos of latest acquisition below in my work's workshop in Bristol, I've left it there for now until we find some room for it at home!! It looks a bit manky but it ran well.








For those of you taking an interest in this project, we are busy sorting out the barn we had to move to after getting booted out of the last one. But fear not there is a little progress being made on the vehicle itself. I had a week off recently which I spent blasting and painting various chassis fittings and brake mechanisms. I've also been machining several new components recently.

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To whet your appetite. Heres some more photos of us loading up for the move to the new barn. I think I put these pics up before, maybe they got lost when the site crashed. We hired a big tractor and plant trailer to move most of the heavy lumps, and did I think 4 trips with that, plus I loaded the remnants of an original Matador body onto the Mat along with the Scammells winch and drove that there, plus there were numerous Land Rover and trailer journeys.


First out, Scammell cab




Scammell gearbox




Original Matador body




Loading the Scammell winch




All loaded ready for the off




Lastly, just for the hell of it picture of me with Allis Chalmers M6 HST at the Marshall Museum in Holland earlier this year. This is one of my all time must haves!!!

An absolutley brilliant museum as well, well worth a visit.




Some parts are available for Gardners, depends what model and age you have, and how fat your wallet is, one of the best places to look is http://www.gardner-enthusiast.co.uk

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Hi Madrat,


I think you are referring to the oil filler, you're right yours should be mounted down on the front of the timing case, which is where it is on the engine that came out of my pioneer.

But this engine came out of a Foden and they were speced differently for different vehicles.

This is one of the things i'm going to change during the rebuild.

If you look on http://www.gardner-enthusiast.co.uk you'll find parts list and diagrams for the 6LW, its not only very useful when it comes to identifying parts and their numbers, but also shows the number of different configurations there were for various engine components.



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I think you are referring to the oil filler, you're right yours should be mounted down on the front of the timing case, which is where it is on the engine that came out of my pioneer.


Thanks, always interested to know the differences between these engines. I agree that the diagrams on Gardner enthusiast are great. Don't suppose you would want to sell one of your many exhaust manifolds? :cool2:

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The Matador was a breakdown truck for a local haulage firm, before being laid up in a field behind the owners house for some ten years, then I bought it about 6 years ago. I shall do a similar job on it as the Scammell, strip it down and go through everything.

I will have 2 Pioneer manifolds when the third engine arrives, the third is different since the engine came out of a Foden, and i'd like to keep the spare Pioneer one and hopefully rebuild a spare engine and run it on a trailer behind the Scammell eventually, since i'm a bit of a Gardner buff aswell - sorry.

Sorry I don't have a picture of the Mack at the Marshall Museum, i've got plenty other photos if you'd like me to start a new thread and put them up.

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I mentioned a couple of posts ago, that I was machining some new bits for the Scammell.

See below one of the fruits of my labour, its a new fitting for the air system that the trailer

taps screw on to, the old one was bent and the thread was stripped.




I've also recently ordered new cork seals for the front hubs which are being specially made to order, new thrust bearings for the front king pins and some new wheel bearings, all of which should allow us to start re-assembling the front axle.


Keep on truckin, Rich

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Small bits of progress have been made. Over the winter i've mostly been taking bots home, blasting and painting them.


Nearly completed trailer brake servo




Couple photos of some of the other bits i've completed, including pedal arms, various brake, air system and chassis fittings.






Hope to blast and paint the back axle soon, and then have the walking beams off because they seem a bit stiff and probably lift the diff too to check it over.

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