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AEC Matador Restoration Down Under

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I then rebuilt the transmission from parts of two transmissions. Only had one useable clutch and it is like new, a bit of luck there.

This is the newest photo of the truck, taken yesterday, thanks for all of the encouraging words everybody. Charley

I started on the sheet metal.

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Wally, would it be possible to share your records as we would love to get a better idea of how many and when, not just the Matadors but all AECs imported to Australia. Getting access to build records has been impossible for some years now.

Hasting-Deering was the official importer until Leyland elbowed in and lost the plot.


When looking at records need to remember that the Matador name for the 4x2 goods vehicle continued on post war in Australia and the Mandator name first appeared on the mkv versions.

Looking at Steve Richards book he cites those chassis numbers as being included in a batch of 200 for the British army. The plot thickens!

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my interest in matadors is really confined to those used by the british army this was brought about while collecting the records of the british armys vehicles wartime and postwar while the curator of army transport l was asked by the AEC PRESERVATION SOCIETY if they could use the records to compile a record and also they at that time had access to the AEC archives the information was subjected to verification by all interested parties to ensure that is as accurate as possible

the first attachment is from the records the second shows the contract VM 11373 and it contained chassis numbers

08535292 to 08536579



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Wally, what is the meaning of the colums next to the chassis numbers?

One of my matadors and a donor wreck are apparently 1942. The other one has a contract plate in the cab with number 'T334 27'. Does that help? The chassis rails are heavily flitched so the chassis numbers can't be seen.

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I have no record for 5547. Could it be 5542? Sent to Australia as chassis/cab via Murphy Bros of Leicester. I have 154 chassis recorded as going to "AEC Australia via MB"

Murphy was the same family as the road contractors.

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Out now! To our successful series Frituur Zorro we added a sixth volume. This book is about restoring WW2 vehicles to their original state, often found in a deteriorated condition and left behind;
sometimes not more than wrecks.
Thirty projects are collected in this book, many photos! Projects from participants from  the United Kingdom, The Netherlands and Belgium, the United States, France, Australia and Slovakia. Due to the vast number of projects we are able to publish
volume two in 2020.




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book is out!
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