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Unidentified recovery kit - ideas?

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Hi folks,


I bought these the other day as they seemed too tasty to turn down. The problem is I have no idea what they are for. They're certainly bloody heavy. Does anyone have any ideas?




I've posted here as I think they are recovery items but maybe not...


If they are the thing you have been looking for since the dawn of time then let me know.


- MG

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Thanks Richard,


So, effectively they're a double-ended shackle? I cannot think how many times I've needed one of those so unless someone really needs them to complete some CES they'll be going on the WLF!:tup::




- MG


Correct, I used them mainly to connect eye of winch rope to load cell.

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They are indeed plate shackles....had my fingers inbetween those a few times !!


Used in hundreds of examples when connecting a casualty & / or two pieces of recovery kit together & when making up a layout for winching.





At over 12" long they're probably (could be) from a Cent ARV CES.

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