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30cal ammo cans question

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Does anyone know what the square clips are used for on a 30 cal can? On the long side of the can is a square clip about half way down to the left. There is a square clip on the opening end of the same thickness but larger. There is a thicker square clip which is related to the hasp type lid catch. I have another question. Is the larger square clip on the opening end related to holding the can in place when fitted in some type of ammo can cradle on the Browning? Thanks Ladies and Gents.

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125LAA. This should help explain it, let me know if you need more information.




Hi Capt Max,

Thanks very much for the information there is always someone out there who knows lots more information. This is the wonder of the internet. I have a couple more questions. Please have a look at the two jpegs I have attached, My finger is pointing to the items on the ammo can I am interested to know what they are used for. Thanks for taking an interest.


Steve Haws



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