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Looking for reasonably priced vehicle storage near Basingstoke


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I am not far South of you and found a farm in Medstead that would do about 3 or 4 Rovers - annoyingly not quite big enough. What worked for me was to drive round nearby farms and ask the farm manager - going dressed in smart casual seemed most effective as the ones who had something weren't put off. Don't be surprised if you get a low hit rate, it will take some effort....





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Hi, are you still looking for storage in Basingstoke,






Apologies for the delay in replying as I have been abroad and not on the forum for some while, but the answer is 'yes' - definitely interested. At the original time of writing, it was more speculative in the fact that I had planned to buy a vehicle. Just last week I found / bought what I was looking for, and although it will be having work done on it for a period, now is the time for me to get the storage arrangement sorted.


Look forward to hearing from you..


Regards, Neil

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