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Rover 11 Ambulance Rear Springs


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Hi Folks,


What are the normal rear springs for a Rover 11 Ambulance?


Is it the normal HD option or did they go for 1-tonne types?


Does anyone have the extract from the parts peculiar list for it? It is one of the few bits of information I am missing on the thing!



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Hi Alec,


I have a series 3 109 ambulance and posed the same question on the EMLRA forum a couple of years ago....


The answer was:


The front springs - as fitted to 109 diesel vehicles - 265627 (passenger side) and 276034 (drivers side)


The rear - 272967 (drivers side) & 272968 (passenger side) are the part numbers which are classed as 'heavy duty'. These were the same for series 2A and series 3 vehicles apparently, the only change to the suspension system being the addition of the anti-roll bars on later series 2As and on all series 3s.


I do know of someone who fitted proper 1 ton springs onto the rear of his series 3 which apparently worked well, improved the ride and meant that the vehicle actually 'sat up' at the back rather than adopting the 'tail dragging' stance that these ambis tend to have. His reasoning - which I get - is that even the heavy duty springs fitted were never really intended for taking the permanant load the size of the ambulance body, hence why they sag quite quickly.





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