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The Scorpion has arrived


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The Scorpion I purchased arrived in Redding California on Thursday last week. I drove over with our equipment trailer to pickup.After getting it home we unloaded it the next day. It runs great. The only thing I have a concern about is putting it in forward and reverse. It wants to grind. It idles at 800 rpm. I am uncomfortable with grinding noises so I turn it off and restart after selecting F or R. This will eventually prematurely wear out the starter. Any suggestions. I'm going to try and post a photo.IMG_20140810_105007014[1].jpg Well the photos posted. I will take that as a small victory It is very complete and not any rust. All the optics are present and work except the day vision site. It must have a electronically operated shutter. Ive ordered all the books I can on the Scorpion. The books will hopefully tell me what all the CES items I have and hoe to operate the systems. Its first appearance is at a veterans fundraiser this coming Thursday.


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My most sincere congratulations on getting it home.


You might as well delete the now superfluous duplicate thread.


Check ALL fluids and presume nothing. Try not to make the newbie CVR(T) brake fluid mistake.


Assume nothing and check everything.


Good luck



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Congrats on the new toy. Grinding noises when moving from forward to reverse are not uncommon. I have read here that the lever on top of the gearbox that the pushrod in the driving compartment operates can get stiff. This can be helped with a bit of WD40 or similar penetrating oil. Also I have read that mometary blipping the engine on/off switch while applying a bit of pressure in the desired direction. Will do the trick

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