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Rubery owen brockhouse 2 ton

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This is my first restoration project, well in for a penny in for a pound . I believe i found what it is, its army vrn 50FG50 please let me know if you know more.

The big question i will ask is "how rare are these" so do i do a full restoration or a sympathetic conversion to rally support vehicle.

Any info will be much appreciated.








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Hello Simon


I converted one of those trailers into a living van some years ago, and a great living trailer it made to, are dig out some pics if i can find them, I also had all the awnings as well with the end doors and it also had the porch that went over the back door of the trailer. Sadly I sold it on. I do however have another one of those trailers coming in very soon for a conversion and this to is going to be living trailer,this one does not have windows down the side so I am going to have to fit some, it also needs to be relined and insulated. Good luck with the project. Howard

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Hi Simon,


I own 51 FG 57 so probably the same batch, 107 vehicles apart! Certainly looks the same.


In their various forms they're quite common, so no need to feel obliged to do a full restoration. They always seem to be sold stripped out inside though, except for the binned stores vans. Restore the outside and do as you like on the inside might be a good compromise. I'm going to do mine as a living van.


Incidentally, I need a penthouse roof for mine if anyone's got one - I've got the rest of it but the roof was missing!

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Simon, at some point someone appears to have removed the flashing for your penthouse roof and refitted it upside-down. The hooks should be underneath.

I fitted electric braking to the trailer so KT worked off a pressure switch I fitted to the GMC. Worked really well. Howard.

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Thought it was time for an update. Well the rot is in, well in. Decited to take the roof top box and walkway off, and did not like what i found. dramatic surgery to the roof and a full strip down inside, well if you are going to do a job you might as well go mad. All i can say is they used a really nasty fibreglass insulation. fortunately my side kick is ex army and went to task in a paper onesie in the baking summer heat, job done. Then a big tin opener, snips, rivet gun and mig welder all toped of with some fiberglass resin and mat to seal and done job nice and water tight.








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