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US DOD shuts down sales of trucks

robin craig

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According to the US Defence Logistics Agency (DLA) has stopped selling truck through Government Liquidations who were their agency for disposals of all the big trucks.


It would appear that all those trucks had non Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) compliant engines. The allowance to have such engines was given to the Federal Defence Department. If you look at GL's website you can see a note to this effect.


It has caused quite a furore as there was a special program to repurpose federal assets down to the state and county and municipal levels for fire fighting and law enforcement agencies was in jeopardy also. If you think about it quite a sane process whereby taxpyers dont get gouged again but simply get a very cheap truck with albeit limited speed and comfort for use as needed, especially by the forest and rural fire departments.


An exemption has been given to such agencies by DLA holding the registrations for such vehicles so as to keep the exemption still in the hands of the defence fraternity to whom it was originally granted.


If you bimble about the DLA website there is video of trucks being scrapped in Europe.


So all of you with REOs and the like congratulations!



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