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CVR(T) usage in the Falklands

robin craig

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While there is no doubt as to the fact that a number of vehicles went down to the conflict the age old question has been what were the VRNs of those that went.


On Facebook, (don't get me started) there has been a posting by a Mr Kevin Lambert who was the gunner of C/S 24 in that conflict and he states that C/S 23B was 06 FD 06 and that 23C was 06 FD 30, both these were Scimitars he states.


As FB is such a darn difficult medium to keep track (notice the subject related pun) of threads I am taking the liberty of duplicating his information over here as it seems to just be a better place to archive the info.


He has some wonderful pictures and I will ask his permission to post them here or try to get him to join HMVF perhaps.





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